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Re: [PATCH] rebase docs: fix "gitlink" typo

On Thu, 28 Feb 2019 at 03:44, Kyle Meyer <kyle@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Change it to "linkgit" so that the reference is properly rendered.

>  have `<upstream>` as direct ancestor will keep their original branch point,
> -i.e. commits that would be excluded by gitlink:git-log[1]'s
> +i.e. commits that would be excluded by linkgit:git-log[1]'s
>  `--ancestry-path` option will keep their original ancestry by default. If

Heh, I stumbled on this a few days ago, and have this exact patch in my
w-i-p series. I found it interesting that both Asciidoctor and AsciiDoc
trip on this in quite different ways.

The patch is correct and tested by me, FWIW.