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RE: Need multibyte advice - Shift-JIS

On February 27, 2019 9:09, Michal Suchánek wrote:
> On Wed, 27 Feb 2019 08:04:08 -0500
> "Randall S. Becker" <rsbecker@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Hi Git Team,
> >
> > I have to admit being perplexed by this one. I have been asked to
> > support the Shift-JIS character set in file contents, comments, and
> > logs, for a partner of mine. I know there are a few ways to do this,
> > but I'm looking for the official non-hacky way to do this. This is CLI
> > only, and our pager, less, does not support multi-byte, so I'm looking
> options there also.
> SJIS is about as much multibyte as UTF-8.
> Why do you think less does not support it?
> Last time I looked there was SJIS locale for libc so it is only matter of
> generating the correct locales and using them. Of course, if you are
> in UTF-8 SJIS will look like garbage.

Sadly, I did not personally build less on this platform, and the libc used
did not include UTF-16, on the platform vendor supplied less. cat works
fine, but the usual LESSCHARSET=utf-16 is unsupported, so I am looking for
an alternative. THAT is why I think less does not support it. Sorry, I
should have made that more clear.

cat works fine, so if I set GIT_PAGER=cat, I can at least see the diffs
cleanly in SJIS, but this partner wants a pager that is usable.