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Need multibyte advice - Shift-JIS

Hi Git Team,

I have to admit being perplexed by this one. I have been asked to support
the Shift-JIS character set in file contents, comments, and logs, for a
partner of mine. I know there are a few ways to do this, but I'm looking for
the official non-hacky way to do this. This is CLI only, and our pager,
less, does not support multi-byte, so I'm looking for options there also.

I normally do all of my UTF-16 work from a workstation via ECLIPSE, with
UTF-8 comments, so never really have encountered this as an issue. Although
our UTF-16 HTML files look pretty ugly in a diff.

The platform (NonStop) does not have a lot of UTF-16 tooling by default
(less does not support it), so I may have to write stuff, which is no issue.
We are on 2.21.0 officially as of yesterday.

Kind Regards,

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