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[Possible Breakage] t1308 - Bad return value from test-tool

t1308 has me perplexed - this is an old breakage on the NonStop platform,
that I have just gotten around to checking with the new bash version we
have. When running sub-test 23, the following was reported:

Value not found for "foo.bar"
test_expect_code: command exited with 1, we wanted 2 test-tool config
configset_get_value foo.bar a-directory

However, when I looked inside t/helper/test-config.c, every path reporting
"Value not found" has a goto exit1 not exit2. It seems, from the code, that
the test is actually incorrect and should be expecting 1 not 2, and that it
is working properly on NonStop (but the test fails as a result).

What is perplexing is that someone else should be seeing this. The
test-config.c code is about 5 years old, but the test was modified a year or
two ago. What am I missing here?