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Re: [PATCH] ci: make sure we build Git parallel

Johannes Schindelin <Johannes.Schindelin@xxxxxx> writes:

> Hi Junio,
> On Thu, 7 Feb 2019, Junio C Hamano wrote:
>> Johannes Schindelin <Johannes.Schindelin@xxxxxx> writes:
>> >>  
>> >> +# Clear MAKEFLAGS that may come from the outside world.
>> >> +export MAKEFLAGS=
>> >> +
>> ...
>> I meant to clear it at the beginning, where I "export MAKEFLAGS=".
>> Did your MUA ate the equal sign at the end, mistaking it with part
>> of text/plain; format=flawed or something?
> I could have sworn that there was no equal sign yesterday.
> Sorry for the noise,

Don't be.  Mistakes happen and watching stupid mistakes for each
other is part of the teamwork I very much appreciate.

Will apply on top of Szeder's fix.  Thanks.