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Re: [PATCH v3 3/3] submodule: teach set-branch subcommand

Denton Liu <liu.denton@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> @@ -168,6 +169,12 @@ submodule with the `--init` option.
>  If `--recursive` is specified, this command will recurse into the
>  registered submodules, and update any nested submodules within.
>  --
> +set-branch ((-d|--default)|(-b|--branch <branch>)) [--] <path>::
> +	Sets the default remote tracking branch for the submodule. The
> +	`--branch` option allows the remote branch to be specified. The
> +	`--default` option removes the submodule.<name>.branch configuration
> +	key, which causes the tracking branch to default to 'master'.
> +--
>  summary [--cached|--files] [(-n|--summary-limit) <n>] [commit] [--] [<path>...]::
>  	Show commit summary between the given commit (defaults to HEAD) and
>  	working tree/index. For a submodule in question, a series of commits

The double-dash line you added must be replaced with an empty line.
The existing double-dash is *not* a separator between the previous
entry (i.e. update) and the next entry (i.e. summary).  Rather, the
body for 'update' is enclosed in a pair of double-dash lines as it
has many paragraphs.