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t0028-working-tree-encoding.sh failing on musl based systems (Alpine Linux)

I'm trying to get the git test suite passing on Alpine Linux, which is
based on musl libc.

All tests in t0028-working-tree-encoding.sh are currently failing,
because musl iconv does not support statefull output of UTF-16/32 (eg,
it does not output a BOM), while git is expecting that to be present:

> hint: The file 'test.utf16' is missing a byte order mark (BOM). Please
> use UTF-16BE or UTF-16LE (depending on the byte order) as
> working-tree-encoding.
> fatal: BOM is required in 'test.utf16' if encoded as utf-16

Because adding the file to get fails, all the other tests fail as well
as they expect the file to be present in the repository.

Any idea how to get around this?