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Re: [PATCH v3] doc-diff: don't `cd_to_toplevel`

On Thu, Feb 07, 2019 at 03:26:21PM +0100, Johannes Schindelin wrote:

> > So IMHO this isn't really a show-stopper problem, so much as something
> > that is a sign of the maturing test/CI setup (I say "maturing", not
> > "mature", as it seems we've probably still got a ways to go). As far as
> > notifications go, it probably makes sense for them to be something that
> > requires the user to sign up for anyway, so at that point they're making
> > their own choice about whether the signal to noise ratio is acceptable.
> Maybe. I do not even know whether there is an option for that in Azure
> Pipelines, maybe GitHub offers that?

No, I don't think so. Probably the route there would be to make a
comment on the commit or PR that would then go to the user as a
notification (from which they can then decide on email delivery, etc).

> In any case, I just wanted to corroborate with a real-world example what I
> mentioned at the Contributors' Summit: that I would like to not script
> that thing yet where contributors are automatically notified when their
> branches don't pass.

Fair enough. As an alternative, do you know offhand if there's an easy
machine-readable way to get the CI results? If I could poll it with curl
and generate my own notifications, that would be fine for me.

> > I also think there are ways to automate away some of these problems
> > (e.g., flake detection by repeating test failures, re-running failures
> > on parent commits to check whether a patch actually introduced the
> > problem). But implementing those is non-trivial work, so I am certainly
> > not asking you to do it.
> Indeed. It might be a lot more common than just Git, too, in which case I
> might catch the interest of some of my colleagues who could then implement
> a solid solution that works not only for us, but for everybody using Azure
> Pipelines.

Yes, agreed. :)

> Speaking of which... can we hook it up with https://github.com/git/git,
> now that the Azure Pipelines support is in `master`? I sent you and Junio
> an invitation to https://dev.azure.com/git/git, so that either you or
> Junio (who are the only owners of the GitHub repository) can set it up. If
> you want me to help, please do not hesitate to ping me on IRC.

I'm happy to. I walked through the Azure setup/login procedure, but I'm
not sure what to do next.