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Re: Proposal: Output should push to different servers in parallel

On Wed, Feb 06 2019, Victor Porton wrote:

> I experienced a slowdown in Git pushing when I push to more than one server.
> I propose:
> Run push to several servers in parallel.
> Not to mix the output, nevertheless serialize the output, that is for
> example cache the output of the second server push and start to output
> it immediately after the first server push is finished.
> This approach combines the advantages of the current way (I suppose it
> is so) to serialize pushes: first push to the first server, then to
> the second, etc. and of my idea to push in parallel.
> I think the best way would be use multithreading, but multiprocessing
> would be a good quick solution.

This seems like a reasonable idea, until such time as someone submits
patches to implement this in git you can do this with some invocation of
GNU parallel -k, i.e. operate on N remotes in parallel, and use the -k
option to buffer up all their output and present it in sequence.