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Re: What's cooking in git.git (Feb 2019, #01; Tue, 5)

Denton Liu <liu.denton@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> On Tue, Feb 05, 2019 at 03:37:01PM -0800, Junio C Hamano wrote:
>> * dl/merge-cleanup-scissors-fix (2019-01-27) 4 commits
>>  - merge: add scissors line on merge conflict
>>  - merge: cleanup messages like commit
>>  - t7600: clean up 'merge --squash c3 with c7' test
>>  - commit: extract cleanup_mode functions to sequencer
>>  The list of conflicted paths shown in the editor while concluding a
>>  conflicted merge was shown above the scissors line when the
>>  clean-up mode is set to "scissors", even though it was commented
>>  out just like the list of updated paths and other information to
>>  help the user explain the merge better.
>>  Will merge to 'next'.
> We should pull v6[1] of the patchset before we merge into next. It
> resolves merge conflicts related to the changed function signature of
> `append_conflicts_hint`.
> [1]: https://public-inbox.org/git/cover.1548219737.git.liu.denton@xxxxxxxxx/

Actually we do not have to, and we probably should not.  Here is
what I just did [*1*]:

    $ git checkout -b dlv6 master
    $ git am -s3c ./+dl4-v6-merge-cleanup-scissors-fix
    $ git checkout -b dlv5+master master
    $ git merge --rerere-autoupdate dl/merge-cleanup-scissors-fix
    $ git diff dlv6

and saw no differences in the end.

In other words, what has been queued and been tested in 'pu' (and
incidentally what I have been using as part of my private build for
day-to-day job) on dl/merge-cleanup-scissors-fix may conflict when
merged to 'master' [*2*], but a good resolution for the conflict is
already known, and becomes identical to v6 applied on master when it
is merged to 'master'.

So, I'd rather not do the busywork of replacing v5 with v6, which
also would allow us to avoid risking fat-finger mistakes while doing



*1* I name my mailbox that holds the v6 of a 4-patch topic to be
    queued on an/topic-name as ./+an4-v6-topic-name

*2* Or 'next' for that matter.  After preparing dlv6 like so, I
    can do this:

    $ git checkout -b dlv6next next
    $ git merge dlv6
    $ git checkout -b dlv5next next
    $ git merge --rerere-autoupdate dl/merge-cleanup-scissors-fix
    $ git diff dlv6next