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New contributors' grettings

Hello, we are a team of French CS students and our project is to
collaborate to a free software.

We chose GIT as our subject and we will try to implements some
improvements during the three next months.

Our tutor Matthieu Moy, proposed some on this page
https://git.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/SmallProjectsIdeas and we were
interested about the “git pull –set-upstream“ were the idea is add
“–set-upstream“ as a new argument to the “git pull“ command and the
argument work like the “git push –set-upstream“ command , and the “git
bisect“ witch can find what commit is bad between two given, even if
the old is bad, and the later is good. Are those still possible,
already done or bad ideas.



We look forward to working with you Nathan Berbezier, Corentin
Bompard, Pablo Chabanne