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t0025 flakey?

Hi Torsten,

at first I thought that those intermittent test failures were limited to
Windows, but they are not: I can see it now in a build on 32-bit Linux.
Full logs here:


Excerpt from the failing test case:

-- snip --
not ok 2 - renormalize CRLF in repo
 expecting success: 
	echo "*.txt text=auto" >.gitattributes &&
	git add --renormalize "*.txt" &&
	cat >expect <<-\EOF &&
	i/lf w/crlf attr/text=auto CRLF.txt
	i/lf w/lf attr/text=auto LF.txt
	i/lf w/mixed attr/text=auto CRLF_mix_LF.txt
	git ls-files --eol |
	sed -e "s/	/ /g" -e "s/  */ /g" |
	sort >actual &&
	test_cmp expect actual

+ echo *.txt text=auto
+ git add --renormalize *.txt
+ cat
+ sort
+ sed -e s/	/ /g -e s/  */ /g
+ git ls-files --eol
+ test_cmp expect actual
+ diff -u expect actual
--- expect	2019-02-06 09:39:42.080733629 +0000
+++ actual	2019-02-06 09:39:42.088733629 +0000
@@ -1,3 +1,3 @@
-i/lf w/crlf attr/text=auto CRLF.txt
+i/crlf w/crlf attr/text=auto CRLF.txt
 i/lf w/lf attr/text=auto LF.txt
-i/lf w/mixed attr/text=auto CRLF_mix_LF.txt
+i/mixed w/mixed attr/text=auto CRLF_mix_LF.txt
error: last command exited with $?=1
-- snap --

Any ideas?