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This is on the latest master (8feddda32c ("Fifth batch for 2.21",
2019-02-05)) + js/protocol-advertise-multi.

This is a resend of [1], which was built on the result of merging many
branches. Now that most of the branches have been merged to master, I
have rebased it on master. The only branch that I needed to merge was

js/protocol-advertise-multi has not been merged to next yet, but the
general idea seems good to me, and I am making review of that patch one
of my priorities. But if anyone is concerned that this set will be
delayed by js/protocol-advertise-multi, I can extract the parts I need
into a patch in this set (most likely just the part that unconditionally
calls ssh with SendEnv in connect.c), although it is difficult to
explain the necessity of that without reference to
js/protocol-advertise-multi. Let me know what you think.

Besides the rebase, this is unchanged from [1]. There is some discussion
there between Ævar, Junio, and I, thinking that it is OK to merge this
even if we didn't eliminate all errors. Right now, only 3 test cases

Patch 1 implements the test variable, patches 2-7 eliminate false
negatives (with explanations), and patch 8 fixes a genuine bug.

[1] https://public-inbox.org/git/cover.1547677183.git.jonathantanmy@xxxxxxxxxx/

Jonathan Tan (8):
  tests: always test fetch of unreachable with v0
  t5503: fix overspecification of trace expectation
  t5512: compensate for v0 only sending HEAD symrefs
  t5700: only run with protocol version 1
  tests: fix protocol version for overspecifications
  t5552: compensate for v2 filtering ref adv.
  remote-curl: in v2, fill credentials if needed

 protocol.c                           | 17 ++++++++--
 remote-curl.c                        |  9 +++++-
 t/README                             |  3 ++
 t/t5400-send-pack.sh                 |  2 +-
 t/t5500-fetch-pack.sh                |  4 ++-
 t/t5503-tagfollow.sh                 |  2 +-
 t/t5512-ls-remote.sh                 | 18 ++++++++---
 t/t5515-fetch-merge-logic.sh         |  4 +++
 t/t5516-fetch-push.sh                | 22 ++++++++++---
 t/t5539-fetch-http-shallow.sh        |  5 ++-
 t/t5541-http-push-smart.sh           | 14 +++++++--
 t/t5551-http-fetch-smart.sh          | 47 +++++++++++++++++++++-------
 t/t5552-skipping-fetch-negotiator.sh |  5 ++-
 t/t5700-protocol-v1.sh               |  3 ++
 t/t7406-submodule-update.sh          |  5 ++-
 15 files changed, 128 insertions(+), 32 deletions(-)