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Re: [PATCH v4] log,diff-tree: add --combined-all-names option

Elijah Newren <newren@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> > Further, in patch format, this changes the from/to headers so that
>> > instead of just having one "from" header, we get one for each parent.
>> > For example, instead of having
>> >
>> >   --- a/phooey.c
>> >   +++ b/phooey.c
>> >
>> > we would see
>> >
>> >   --- a/fooey.c
>> >   --- a/fuey.c
>> >   +++ b/phooey.c
>> Do we have the three "rename from fooey.c", "rename from fuey.c" and
>> "rename to "phooey.c" extended headers, too?  That's what I meant in
>> my response, but I do like what I see in the above example ;-)
> Ah, gotcha.  I'll look into whether it's possible to hook it up to
> diff.c's fill_metainfo() .

Just to clarify.  I do not think these extended headers are "must
have"; the "--cc" output is not meant for machine consumption, as it
simplifies the output by omitting hunks that preimage trees agree
with each other etc., and making the resulting "patch" not showing
the whole picture, and these extended header lines might only become
waste of the screen real estate.

So, do not spend too much effort to emit these textual info that can
be easily seen with the N+1 plus/minus header lines.