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[BUG]: git checkout on a new tag with current HEAD shows "head detached" at previous tag

I have 2 tags such as release-17.6.230 and release-17.6.220:
If I'm changing commits, all works as expected.

If however both are pointing to the same commit, the output is as follows:

git checkout release-17.6.220
git status
HEAD detached at release-17.6.220

now if I run:
git checkout release-17.6.230
git status
HEAD detached at release-17.6.220

Which is theoretically correct, but I'd expect after checking out a
certain tag I'd be see that specific tag...

Sorry if this is intended behavior, I couldn't find clear mention of
this behavior on the git checkout documentation online..

Let me know if I can help in anyway.

Dani Koretsky - Researcher