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Re: hook to get info on commit, and include that in a file that is part of the commit

On Mon, Feb 04, 2019 at 08:36:10PM -0500, Larry Martell wrote:
> Is there any way using a git hook to get info on the commit (id,
> message), put that in a file, and include that file in the commit?
> If I try that in a pre-commit hook I do not get the info on the
> current commit. I tried it in pre-receive but it does not seem to get
> executed at all.

You cannot include a file in the commit with that commit's ID.

The object ID of a commit is based on the data it contains, which is in
turn based on the data in its top-level tree, which is in turn based on
the data in all of its trees and blobs. If you add or change a file in a
commit (or the message of that commit), you necessarily result in that
commit having a different object ID. This is by design and is valuable
for checking the integrity of the history.

Furthermore, the hooks for a commit are designed for checking and
notification, not for editing the commit, with the exception of the
commit message hooks, which are designed only for editing the commit
message, not the contents.

The pre-receive hook runs on the server side, so if you aren't running
it there, then it won't get called at all.
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