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Re: GSoC 2019: Git's application submitted

On 02/04, Christian Couder wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> There are now ideas, micro-projects and organization application pages
> for GSoC 2019 on https://git.github.io/
> It would be nice to have a few more project ideas.
> https://git.github.io/SoC-2019-Ideas/ currently lists only 2 possible
> projects:

Thanks for putting this together.  I'm going to have a look at the
project list over the next couple of days.

> - Unify ref-filter formats with other --pretty formats (which is new)
> - git log --oneline improvements
> as I didn't feel that the others were still relevant, though I might be wrong.
> As Olga and Thomas told me at the Git Merge that they could be ok to
> co-mentor with me, they are listed as possible mentors for both of
> these projects.

Yes, I am indeed happy to co-mentor a student with you, or someone
else experienced in mentoring.

> Anyway feel free to comment and suggest improvements on those pages,
> especially the micro-projects and ideas one. Pull requests on
> https://github.com/git/git.github.io/ are very much appreciated.
> The application has been submitted on
> https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com, but it will not be complete until
> someone else volunteers as an org admin. I volunteered, but they
> require "at least 2 and at most 5 Organization Administrators".
> So another org admin is needed before Wednesday February 6th, as this
> is the deadline. Invitations have been sent to Peff, Thomas, Olga and
> Matthieu, but anyone can do it and it requires a very low amount of
> work.
> Thanks,
> Christian.