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Re: [PATCH (Apple Git) 01/13] .gitignore: Remove *.s as it matches *.S on case insensitive filesystem

Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia <jeremyhu@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> What you probably want instead is
>> 	# Accommodate for case-insensitive filesystems where *.s would catch
>> 	!ppc/sha1ppc.S
>> after the `*.[aos]` line.
> Thanks for the suggestion.  I didn't know that was possible with
> .gitignore.  That's a much better solution.

I still do not see what problem you need a "solution" for in the
first place---I saw a few comments asking it in the thread, but saw
no answer.  ppc/sha1ppc.S is already tracked, so any modification
you make in the working tree can be added to the index with "git
add" and "git status" would report when you have modification to
that file in the working tree, without any such extra entry in
.gitignore, no?