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Re: [PATCH (Apple Git) 12/13] Enable support for Xcode.app-bundled gitconfig


Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia wrote:

> Unfortunately, I was quick to celebrate.  This picks up the bundled
> file instead of a system-wide file.  I'd love it if we could still
> honor system-wide config/attributes in addition to
> RUNTIME_PREFIX-relative ones (eg: user overrides system which
> overrides distribution).  I worry that as is, we'd stop referencing
> the system-wide configs which might confuse users.
> Is that something you'd be interested in, or should we just continue
> to maintain our separate patches?

For the internal deployment at Google, what we've done is to put an
[include] path directive in the global gitconfig:

		path = /usr/share/git-core/config

Users can edit the global git config in etc, but the distributed
config at /usr/share/git-core/config is read-only as part of the
distributed package.

We considered making an upstream change to bake in the distributed
config in the git binary but decided that this way is a little
nicer since it lets people comment out the include.path setting if
they want to e.g. for experimentation.  It's also more explicit
(hence easier to understand).

Would a similar approach work for your setup?  Can you say a little
more about how you'd like things to work from an end-user pov?