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Re: [PATCH v3 1/3] Add tests for describe with --work-tree

Jeff King <peff@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> The usual style is to put the whole snippet into single-quotes, and then
> double-quote as appropriate within it. Like:
>   test_expect_failure 'describe --dirty with --work-tree' '
> 	(
> 		cd "$TEST_DIRECTORY" &&
> 		git --git-dir "$TRASH_DIRECTORY/.git" ...etc
> Those variables will be expanded when test_expect_failure eval's the
> snippet.


>> +	grep 'A-\d\+-g[0-9a-f]\+' '$TRASH_DIRECTORY/out'
> Using "\d" isn't portable.

True, but not just \d.  I think using \ before special characters to
force an otherwise basic regular expression to be ERE (i.e. \+ at
the end) is a GNUism.

> This regex is pretty broad. What are we checking here? If I understand
> the previous discussion, we just care that it doesn't have "dirty" in
> it, right? I don't think this regex does that, because it doesn't anchor
> the end of string.
> If that's indeed what we're checking, then an easier check is perhaps:
>   ! grep dirty ...