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pw/rebase-x-sanity-check, was Re: What's cooking in git.git (Jan 2019, #04; Mon, 28)

Hi Junio,

On Mon, 28 Jan 2019, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> * pw/rebase-x-sanity-check (2019-01-28) 1 commit
>  - rebase -x: sanity check command
>  "git rebase -x $cmd" did not reject multi-line command, even though
>  the command is incapable of handling such a command.  It now is
>  rejected upfront.
>  Will merge to 'next'.

I offered two suggestions: to use a more readable `strchr()` check for the
forbidden embedded newlines, and to not bother with special-casing the
empty command but instead handling it the exact same way as an invalid
command-line would be handled.