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Re: sparse job, was Re: [PATCH] test-xml-encode: fix sparse NULL pointer warnings

(+cc: Uwe Kleine-König, maintainer of the sparse package in Debian)

Ramsay Jones wrote[1]:

> Hmm, I've never built an Ubuntu package before, so I don't know
> exactly what would be required (spec file etc.) to create a PPA.
> But I suspect you are not talking about doing that, right?

Ubuntu uses the sparse packaging as is from Debian, so no PPA should
be needed.  I've sent https://bugs.debian.org/920776 to get the
package updated in Debian.  If all is well, it should go smoothly.


[1] https://public-inbox.org/git/ef5a8623-e5e6-5cc8-5178-0afce7b5499e@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/