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Re: unclear docs

On Mon, Jan 28, 2019 at 11:16:54PM +0300, Sergey Lukashev wrote:

> >>  > Subject: [PATCH] doc/gitattributes: clarify "autocrlf overrides eol"
> >>  >
> >>  > We only override core.eol with core.autocrlf when the latter is set to
> >>  > "true" (otherwise, core.eol would never do anything!). Let's make this
> >>
> >>  I fail to understand what "otherwise..." wants to say. When
> >>  core.autocrlf is not "true", core.eol would not do anything?
> >
> > I meant that if core.autocrlf overrides core.eol also when it is not set
> > to true, then there would be no way to use core.eol, because the former
> > must be either true or false.
> autocrlf can be "input" as well.

Ah, true. Should the documentation actually say "if core.autocrlf is not
'false'" then? I _think_ so from my reading of the code, but it would be
nice to have confirmation from somebody better versed in the line-ending
code than I am (+cc Torsten).