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Re: unclear docs

Thank you. Does the paragraph about core.eol refers to the text attribute? It's written 'property' there. I was thinking it means whether git thinks file is text, using .gitattributes OR otherwise. Maybe changing this word will make it clearer?

28.01.2019, 19:09, "Jeff King" <peff@xxxxxxxx>:
> On Sun, Jan 27, 2019 at 02:55:23PM +0300, Sergey Lukashev wrote:
>>  Well, I have two problems:
>>  1) The endings I get with core.autocrlf=false depend on whether I have
>>     * text=auto (a file was commited with LFs). At least in git 2.20.1
> That sounds right. The default is that Git will never touch your line
> endings (going into or out of the working tree). Turning on the
> "text=auto" attribute for everything will tell it to start doing so
> (according to core.eol, which on Windows is CRLF).
>>  2) If the quote holds true then autocrlf=false is actually "true" (for
>>     output conversion) on Windows by default because default core.eol
>>     is 'native', which is CRLF. I believe autocrlf=false is supposed to
>>     mean "no any conversion, input or output, read or write the repo as
>>     is".
> No, it only means "do not use the autocrlf feature". If you've
> separately configured text attributes, it does not disable them.
> -Peff