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Re: unclear docs

On Sun, Jan 27, 2019 at 02:55:23PM +0300, Sergey Lukashev wrote:

> Well, I have two problems:
> 1) The endings I get with core.autocrlf=false depend on whether I have
>    * text=auto (a file was commited with LFs). At least in git 2.20.1

That sounds right. The default is that Git will never touch your line
endings (going into or out of the working tree). Turning on the
"text=auto" attribute for everything will tell it to start doing so
(according to core.eol, which on Windows is CRLF).

> 2) If the quote holds true then autocrlf=false is actually "true" (for
>    output conversion) on Windows by default because default core.eol
>    is 'native', which is CRLF. I believe autocrlf=false is supposed to
>    mean "no any conversion, input or output, read or write the repo as
>    is".

No, it only means "do not use the autocrlf feature". If you've
separately configured text attributes, it does not disable them.