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Re: [PATCH v2] git-submodule.sh: shorten submodule SHA-1s using rev-parse

Eric Sunshine <sunshine@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> This could be made a bit easier to follow by using indentation and ||
> rather than &&. For instance, rewriting the entire block as:
>     # Shorten with hard-coded fallback if rev-parse fails
>     sha1_abbr_src=$(GIT_DIR="$name/.git" git rev-parse --short $sha1_src ||
>         echo $sha1_src | cut -c1-7)
>     sha1_abbr_dst=$(GIT_DIR="$name/.git" git rev-parse --short $sha1_dst ||
>         echo $sha1_dst | cut -c1-7)
> In fact, the code is clear enough that the comment isn't even needed.
> By the way, if git-rev-parse does fail, is it going to produce an
> error message on stderr that needs to be suppressed?

All good points ;-).