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Re: [PATCH v1] git-instaweb: Add Python builtin http.server support

"brian m. carlson" <sandals@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> On Fri, Jan 25, 2019 at 05:22:45PM +0200, Arti Zirk wrote:
>> This is the built in http server that Python comes with (like Ruby
>> users have builtin webrick server). While it is possible to install
>> something else, I don't think many casual git-instaweb users would do
>> it. 
>> I haven't looked in depth into it but I'm pretty sure that by simply
>> changing the imports I could make this code also work in python2.
>> Upstream python2 support ends in ~11 months and would Red Hat/CentOS 7
>> users using new git releases really care about "git instaweb -d python"
>> not working on installations without Python 3?
> I'm sensitive to the fact that upstream is dropping support for Python
> 2, and I have no objections to limiting this to Python 3. However,
> whether we like it or not, Red Hat/CentOS 7 is going to be around for
> four years after that.
>> In the end I would like to keep the name just "python" to signal that
>> it only needs standard Python installation and nothing else.
> Could you update the documentation to put "Python 3" in parentheses or
> otherwise make it clear in the documentation? My goal is to avoid
> confusing users who are on systems that still have Python 2.

Calling the option python3 (not python) would give readers the same
message loud and clear in a simpler way, I would think.  Is there
any reasonable reason why we'd want to avoid saying python3?  It's
not like we are afraid of sending an message that we won't stay
working with python4 that is in the near horizon ;-), and as Arti
says, those who already live in Python3 world would know, when they
see either "python" or "python3", that is what they have anyway no?