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Re: unclear docs

A follow up on my previous mail.

Well, I have two problems:
1) The endings I get with core.autocrlf=false depend on whether I have * text=auto (a file was commited with LFs). At least in git 2.20.1
2) If the quote holds true then autocrlf=false is actually "true" (for output conversion) on Windows by default because default core.eol is 'native', which is CRLF. I believe autocrlf=false is supposed to mean "no any conversion, input or output, read or write the repo as is".

27.01.2019, 13:05, "Sergey Lukashev" <lukashev.s@xxxxx>:
> Hello!
> Could somebody please explain what 'core.autocrlf overrides core.eol' means given that we have the following statement in core.eol docs:
> "Sets the line ending type to use in the working directory for files that have the text property set when core.autocrlf is false".
> I would like to know which line endings I'm supposed to get in the working tree if I have core.autocrlf=false and '* text=auto' in .gitattributes on windows. I get CRLFs which is consistent with the last quote but I don't understand what 'core.autocrlf overrides core.eol' means in this case.
> Links:
> https://git-scm.com/docs/git-config#git-config-coreeol
> https://git-scm.com/docs/gitattributes#_checking_out_and_checking_in