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Re: [PATCH v2] log,diff-tree: add --combined-with-paths options for merges with renames

On 1/25/2019 11:54 AM, Elijah Newren wrote:
> +test_expect_success '--combined-with-paths works with -z as well' '
> +	printf "0f9645804ebb04cc3eef91f799eb7fb54d70cefb\0::100644 100644 100644 f00c965d8307308469e537302baa73048488f162 088bd5d92c2a8e0203ca8e7e4c2a5c692f6ae3f7 333b9c62519f285e1854830ade0fe1ef1d40ee1b RR\0file\twith\ttabs\0i\tam\ttabbed\0fickle\tnaming\0" >expect &&

I'm guessing that you use printf here because the
'cat <<-\EOF' approach doesn't work with the special
tabs? Kudos for putting in the extra effort here for
the special formatting!

The rest of the patch looks good.