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Re: [PATCH v1] git-instaweb: Add Python builtin http.server support

Arti Zirk <arti.zirk@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> With this patch it is possible to launch git-instaweb by using
> Python 3 http.server CGI handler via `-d python` option.
> git-instaweb generates a small wrapper around the http.server
> (in GIT_DIR/gitweb/) ...

I know this follows an existing pattern (psgi and webrick also
writes nontrivial amount of code inside GIT_DIR/gitweb), but can we
somehow clean it up so that we can do instaweb out of a repository
without writing so much into it first, before adding yet another one
to make the situation even worse, I wonder?

For now I'll queue this so that we won't lose sight of the topic,
but I am not exactly enthused.