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Re: [PATCH] blame: add the ability to ignore commits

Barret Rhoden <brho@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> For instance, commit X does this:
> -foo(x,y);
> +foo(x,y,z);
> Then commit Y comes along to reformat it:
> -foo(x,y,z);
> +foo(x, y, z);
> And the history / rev-list for the file looks like:
> ---O---A---X---B---C---D---Y---E---F
> I want to ignore/skip Y and see X in the blame output.  

If you skip Y, the altered history would have "foo(x, y, z)" in E,
"foo(x,y,z)" in X, and "foo(x,y)" in A.  If you start blaming from
F, you'd get E as the commit that explains the latest state.  If you
do not skip Y, you'd get Y.  I am not sure how you'd get X in either