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Re: Make "git log --count" work like "git rev-list"

Jeff King <peff@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> But does this catch all of the limiting that git-log would do? I notice
> that it happens before the call to log_tree_diff(), which conditionally
> returns a "shown" flag. So you get weird results with some options. For
> example:
>   # works, because pathspec limiting happens early
>   git log --count builtin/log.c
>   # doesn't work, because --follow disables pruning
>   git log --follow --count builtin/log.c

Well, that's a bad one.

> I know "--follow" is a bit hacky in general, but I think there are other
> cases where log_tree_diff() may decide not to show a commit (maybe
> without --root, though I guess that's the default these days).
> I dunno. Certainly respecting "--count" even for the simple cases is an
> improvement over the status quo. Maybe it would be enough to give a
> warning in the manpage that it may not work with exotic options.

Hmph, perhaps.  I wonder if it is easy enough to redirect the entire
codeflow to that of rev-list when we see --count in cmd_log().