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Re: "IMAP IDLE"-like long-polling "git fetch"

On Wed, Jan 09, 2019 at 02:27:25PM -0800, Stefan Beller wrote:
> > > I would've thought somebody had done this by now, but I guess
> > > it's dependent on a bunch of things (TLS layer nowadays, maybe
> > > HTTP/2), so git-daemon support alone wouldn't cut it...
> >
> > Polling is not all bad, especially for large repository collections.
> I disagree with that statement.
> IIRC, More than half the bandwidth of Googles git servers are used
> for ls-remote calls (i.e. polling a lot of repos, most of them did *not*
> change, by build bots which are really eager to try again after a minute).

Oh, that's not the kind of polling I meant -- we monitor a single
manifest file containing the state of all repositories. It's a static
file served directly by any httpd daemon, and the only traffic is
usually the "not modified" http header.