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Re: Typo in a Windows installer item description.


On Wed, 9 Jan 2019, Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 09 2019, Aleksey Svistunov wrote:
> > Hi there.
> >
> > I could be wrong but there is a typo on one of the installation step's
> > text. A word sport instead of support is used.
> >
> > Here is a screenshot in attachments which shows where exactly the typo is.
> It's not a typo, "sport" can be used as a verb meaning to display or
> have a notable feature, e.g.[1]:
>     Jen's sporting a new pair of shoes; he was sporting a new wound from
>     the combat
> But maybe that copy should be simplified. I think the GFW bug tracker is
> the right place to raise that as a suggestion[2].
> 1. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/sport#Verb
> 2. https://github.com/git-for-windows/git/issues

Actually, a PR at https://github.com/git-for-windows/build-extra (after
following https://github.com/git-for-windows/git/wiki/Making-an-installer
to implement the change) would be the right thing to do.