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Re: git rebase: retain original head?

On Wed, Jan 9, 2019 at 3:05 PM Johannes Schindelin
<Johannes.Schindelin@xxxxxx> wrote:
> Having said that, it is an unintended regression in the built-in rebase.
> Markus, could you come up with a minimal test case, preferably in the form
> of a patch to t/t3415-rebase-autosquash.sh?

I don't think I'm familiar enough with the test code to be able to
provide a good patch but the following code should illustrate the

git init testrepo
cd testrepo
echo 1 > file && git add file && git commit -m "initial"
echo 1 >> file && git commit -am "commit 1"
# rev_commit_1=$(git rev-parse HEAD)
echo 1 >> file && git commit -am "fixup! $(git rev-parse --short HEAD)"
echo 1 >> file && git commit -am "commit 3"
rev_orig_head=$(git rev-parse HEAD)
GIT_EDITOR=: git rebase --autosquash -i HEAD~3
test $(git rev-parse ORIG_HEAD) = $rev_orig_head

In older versions of git this test succeeded, i.e. ORIG_HEAD pointed
to the previous original head, $rev_orig_head. In git version 2.20.1
ORIG_HEAD now points to the commit that got fixuped instead,

In previous versions ORIG_HEAD only pointed somewhere else if "git
reset" was invoked manually during the rebase operation. I'm not sure
if this is desirable, maybe ORIG_HEAD should always point to the
previous head after rebase completes, no matter what operations were
run in between. What do you think?