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Re: [PATCH v4 0/1] pack-redundant: remove unused functions

> 16657101987@xxxxxxx writes:
>> From: Sun Chao <sunchao9@xxxxxxxxxx>
>> I'm particularly grateful to Junio and JiangXin for fixing the patches,
>> and I noticed Junio send a new commit to remove more unused codes and
>> suggest to SQUASH it.
>> So I create this new version of patches to do this work, I also have
>> checked the left codes and remove a unused struct based on Junio's
>> last commit of `https://github.com/gitster/git/commits/sc/pack-redundant`.
>> --
>> Sun Chao (1):
>>   pack-redundant: remove unused functions
> Is this meant to replace [v3 3/3]?

I'm Sun Chao and because my huawei email account can't send
email outside from company, so I used 163 email account to
send new path at home. I'm sorry for not explaining that.

Yes, this is meant to replace [v3 3/3], and I have noticed the
patch is applied, Thanks very much.