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Re: [PATCH 0/11] jk/loose-object-cache sha1/object_id fixups

René Scharfe <l.s.r@xxxxxx> writes:

> Am 07.01.2019 um 09:31 schrieb Jeff King:
>> I also cleaned up my sha1/object_id patch and rebased it on top of what
>> you have here. Though as I worked on it, it expanded in scope a bit.
>> Possibly it should be a separate series entirely, but that would create
>> some annoying textual conflicts on merge.
>>   [01/11]: sha1-file: fix outdated sha1 comment references
>>   [02/11]: update comment references to sha1_object_info()
>>   [03/11]: http: use struct object_id instead of bare sha1
>>   [04/11]: sha1-file: modernize loose object file functions
>>   [05/11]: sha1-file: modernize loose header/stream functions
>>   [06/11]: sha1-file: convert pass-through functions to object_id
>>   [07/11]: convert has_sha1_file() callers to has_object_file()
>>   [08/11]: sha1-file: drop has_sha1_file()
>>   [09/11]: sha1-file: prefer "loose object file" to "sha1 file" in messages
>>   [10/11]: sha1-file: avoid "sha1 file" for generic use in messages
>>   [11/11]: prefer "hash mismatch" to "sha1 mismatch"
> I skimmed them; they look good to me.  6 and 8 are particularly
> satisfying; getting rid of hash copy operations just feels nice. :)
> Junio only took 1 to 5 into pu; 6, 7 and its sidekick 8, 10 and 11
> conflict with sb/more-repo-in-api; 9 could go in unmodified.

I think these later steps are based on something a lot newer than
the result of applying your updates to the jk/loose-object-cache
series they fix.  I think I untangled and backported one of the
earlier commits but then I stopped after 05/11.

I do not think it is important to keep jk/loose-object-cache and
these two follow-up topics mergeable to the maintenance track, so
I'll see if the patches behave better if queued directly on top of
3b2f8a02 ("Merge branch 'jk/loose-object-cache'", 2019-01-04), or
even a yet newer random point on 'master'.