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Re: Recovering from a "detached from" HEAD

Alyssa Ross <hi@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> The commit the message shows is meant to indicate where your unnamed
>> branch diverged at named branches.  Immediately after moving to the
>> unnamed branch by detaching the HEAD, the message says "at"; the
>> HEAD is pointing directly at the tip of the then-current branch and
>> that is where the tip of the unnamed branch is.  You can tell from
>> that message that you will not lose any commit if you were to check
>> out a named branch from that state.
>> After you make a commit on the unnamed branch, you have something to
>> lose if you were to check out a named branch from that state, as the
>> detached HEAD is the _only_ thing these new commits you built on top
>> of the fork point.  Upon seeing "HEAD detached from 9745ede235", you
>> could do "git log 9745ede235.." and see what you would end up losing
>> if you were to switch to another branch without saving them first to
>> a named branch.
> Thank you for the detailed explanation. I was for some reason under the
> impression that "git status" would show the current HEAD, rather than
> where it was detached. Why I thought that, I don't know.

I wrote not from the documentation but from what I remember about
the discussion that led to final phrasing of the message, and I
strongly suspect that your impression is the sign that our docs are
insufficient.  If you can spot where we can improve on, that would
be great.