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git v2.20.1 hangs on git svn init/fetch (https only)

Hi git folks, i've hitted the issues around "git svn" command.

I've  installed  git  from git-scm.com and found that the git hangs on
almost any  "git  svn"  command. In mine case it is "git svn init" and "git svn

Example: git svn init "https://svn.code.sf.net/p/blabla/blabla"; --stdlayout

What i've found:
* it does stable reproduce under svn https connection, http does work fine
* version 2.20.0 works fine
* git consumes 1 core and does nothing, even has no network traffic

My specs:
* Windows 7 x64
* git x64 v2.20.1 from git-scm.com

Difference  from  previous  working  version  (see  release notes from
* updated git up to v2.20.1
* updated curl up to v7.63.0