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Re: Introducing OneDev - an open source git server with interesting features

Hi Robin,

Robin Shen wrote:

> Dear git users,
> OneDev is an open source git server with interesting features such
> as language aware code search/navigation, issue workflow
> customization, free source/diff comment and discussion, etc.
> It is using MIT license and hope it can be useful to someone.  Learn
> more at https://onedev.io

Thanks for writing!  Looking at
https://github.com/theonedev/onedev/blob/master/core/pom.xml, it
appears this is a web interface that uses JGit for Git support.

Can you say a little about how it compares to Gitblit
<http://gitblit.com>, Phabricator, Gerrit, and other interfaces?

Also, if you have time for it, mind saying a little about what your
experience using JGit has been like?  Any thoughts about what worked
well and what didn't work as well?  This can help both the Git and
JGit projects:

- Git, since it can help us learn from JGit's successes and mistakes
- JGit, since it's not too late to make the API better :)