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Re: Feature request: --preserve-merges to add "exec git merge ..." instead of "pick ..."

It sounds good!
I was using git version 2.7.4 all the time. I should have checked
before posting here :)
Now trying 2.20.1

>From "git help rebase":

           By default, or when no-rebase-cousins was specified,
commits which do not have <upstream> as direct ancestor will keep
           original branch point, i.e. commits that would be excluded
by gitlink:git-log[1]'s --ancestry-path option will keep their
           original ancestry by default. If the rebase-cousins mode is
turned on, such commits are instead rebased onto <upstream> (or
           <onto>, if specified).

I am not sure if this criterion (which ancestors it has) will always
produce the behavior I am looking for.
I will have to experiment a bit.

Thanks for now, I will post again with new thoughts once I have done
some experiments.

On Mon, 7 Jan 2019 at 17:42, Junio C Hamano <gitster@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Andreas Hennings <andreas@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > This means we need a rebase operation where:
> > - The commits of the acceptance branch itself are being replaced.
> > - The commits of the feature branches remain as they are.
> >
> > A "git rebase --preserve-merges" almost does this, but not really.
> This wished-for feature sounds to me more like the "first-parent"
> mode that has been discussed a few times in the past but never
> materialized.
> The preserve-merges mode is getting abandoned by the original author
> as unsalvageable.  Have you tried the rebase-merges mode?  That may
> let you choose replaying only the merge commits on the acceptance
> branch without touching the tips of the feature branches getting
> merged.