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Translation of git manpages

Dear fellow translators,

I'm trying to put up a longstanding project of providing translated manual 
pages for Git. After several experiments, the best choice seemed to be the use 
of po4a[1] to convert the asciidoc[2] sources of git manpages into po files 
that could be processed the same way we are already doing for the translation 
of Git itself.

The text is segmented into paragraphs and structural units (titles, list 
items...) and when translated, they are reinjected into the original text 
structure. Only inline asciidoc formatting marks are passed in segments. 

The translation takes place in a dedicated repository[3]  . It simpler to not 
meddle in git main workflow while adjusting the translation workflow. If 
everybody is satisfied with it, we can maybe migrate the repo under git 
organization. Now, this repo is standalone with respect to translation content 
source, but a patch has been submitted so that the translated manpages can be 
generated and installed from the main git project[4]. Symmetrically, there's a 
script in the project to pull the manpages source files from the main git repo. 

The repository is connected to Weblate[5]  if you have collaborators who don't 
know how to process po files and prefer translating in the browser. 

The repository is also open to pull-request on the tooling. Let me know if you 
have issues. In any case, the translation work can be reused for any other 

There is already a kernel of translation in French, from my experiments and a 
previous effort of German translation[6] was gettextized. If you have such 
archives for other languages, I'd be happy to integrate them, even if they are 
not up to date.


[1]: https://po4a.org/
[2]: http://asciidoc.org/
[3]: https://github.com/jnavila/git-manpages-l10n
[4]: https://public-inbox.org/git/20190104165406.22358-1-jn.avila@xxxxxxx/
[5]: https://hosted.weblate.org/projects/git-manpages/translations/
[6]: https://repo.or.cz/w/gitman-de.git