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git-p4: default behavior for handling moves?

git-p4 can map a "git move" operation to a Perforce "move" operation.
But by default this is disabled. You then end up with a P4 commit
where the file is deleted, and a fresh file is created with the same
contents at the new location at revision #1.

Rename detection gets enabled either with the "-M" option, or with
some config variables, git-p4.detectCopies and git-p4.detectRenames.

I've been tripped up by this, and I actually know about it, and I know
other people have been as well.

Should we switch the default over so that it's enabled by default? I
can't think of any reason why you wouldn't want it enabled.

I think the rename code was first introduced around 2011 by Vitor.

Another option is to add a warning, but people just ignore warnings!