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How DELTA objects values work and are calculated

Hi all,

I'm having trouble understanding how OBJ_REF_DELTA and OBJ_REF_DELTA
(deltas) work in git. Where does git calculate the sha1 hash values
when doing "git index-pack" in builtin/index-pack.c. I think my lack
of understanding of the code is compounded the fact that I do not
understand what the two object types are.

>From tracing the code starting from index-pack, all non-delta object
type hashes are calculated in index-pack.c:1131 (parse_pack_objects).
However, when the function ends, the delta objects hash values are set
to all 0's.

My questions are:
A) How do Delta objects work?
B) Where and how are the sha1 values calculated?

I have read Documentation/technical/pack-format.txt, but am still not clear.

Thank you!
Farhan Khan
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