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Re: [PATCH v12 00/26] Convert "git stash" to C builtin

Paul-Sebastian Ungureanu <ungureanupaulsebastian@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> This is a new iteration of git-stash which also takes
> sd/stash-wo-user-name into account. I cherry-picked
> some of dscho's commits (from [1]) to keep the scripted
> version of `git stash` as `git-legacy-stash`.

I took a brief look and left a comment on 04/26 last year.  I had
some time blocked for this topic today to take another look at the
whole series again.  Thanks for working on this.

It seems that the last three or so steps are new, relative to the
previous round.  I made sure that what is added back at step 24
exactly matches the result of merging sd/stash-wo-user-name into the
current 'master', but such a manual validation is error prone.  Is
it possible to avoid "remove the scripted one prematurely at step
23, and then add it back as 'oops, that was wrong' fix at step 24"?
That would have been much more robust approach.