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RE: Regression in git-subtree.sh, introduced in 2.20.1, after 315a84f9aa0e2e629b0680068646b0032518ebed

Hi Roger,

On Wed, 2 Jan 2019, Strain, Roger L. wrote:

> TL;DR: Current script uses git rev-list to retrieve all commits which
> are reachable from HEAD but not from <abc123>. Is there a syntax that
> will instead return all commits reachable from HEAD, but stop traversing
> when <abc123> is encountered? It's a subtle distinction, but important.

Maybe you are looking for the --ancestry-path option? Essentially, `git
rev-list --ancestry-path A..B` will list only commits that are reachable
from B, not reachable from A, but that *can* reach A (i.e. that are
descendants of A).