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Re: Regression in git-subtree.sh, introduced in 2.20.1, after 315a84f9aa0e2e629b0680068646b0032518ebed

On Mon, Dec 31, 2018 at 6:24 PM Marc Balmer <marc@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> In a (private) Email to me, he indicated that had no time for a fix.  Maybe he can speak up here?

Well, I guess Junio will revert when he's back after the holidays
then. Meanwhile..

> In any case, if I can help testing, I am in.  I just don't know the inner workings of git-subtree.sh (I am a mere user of it...)

If the repo you're facing the problem is publicly available, that
would be great so some of us could try reproduce.

Otherwise we'll need your help to track this problem down. in
git-subtree script line 640 (or somewhere close)

    progress "$revcount/$revmax ($createcount) [$extracount]"

could you update it to show $parents and $rev as well, e.g.

    progress "$revcount/$revmax ($createcount) [$extracount] ($parents) ($rev)"

Then please run these commands and post the output here

    git rev-parse <that-rev>^@


    git show -s --pretty=%P <that-rev>

where <that-rev> is $rev from the last few progress lines before bash crashes.