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Re: What's cooking in git.git (Dec 2018, #02; Fri, 28)

On Fri, Dec 28, 2018 at 10:04 AM Junio C Hamano <gitster@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Sorry for being slow to recover from the year-end slowness; the 2.20
> release being rather large-ish and needed brown-paper-bag fixes soon
> after it, my temporary trans-pacific migration, or me catching cold
> that I haven't shaken off, did not help X-<.

I hope you feel better soon.

> * en/rebase-merge-on-sequencer (2018-11-08) 2 commits
>  - rebase: implement --merge via git-rebase--interactive
>  - git-rebase, sequencer: extend --quiet option for the interactive machinery
>  "git rebase --merge" as been reimplemented by reusing the internal
>  machinery used for "git rebase -i".
>  Expecting a reroll.
>  cf. <CABPp-BF8RupyfP69iqAVTXxEhBGyzVd-wUgp3y0pf+CbBFAQeg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Quick update: Two re-rolls have been sent in[1]; v3 on November 22 and
v4 with only a minor error message tweak on Dec 11.  I think I've
addressed all review comments from v2, but neither v3 nor v4 has
received much review -- Dscho was also heavily busy during the run up
to 2.20 and needed some recovery time afterward.  I was going to
re-ping in early January.  Anyway, it may be worth at least updating
your note to "reroll exists".


[1] Latest at https://public-inbox.org/git/20181211161139.31686-1-newren@xxxxxxxxx/