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Re: RFE: version-controlled merge rules

On Thu, Dec 27 2018, H. Peter Anvin wrote:

> Right now, merge rules can get selected in .gitattributes, which is
> version-controlled. However, there does not appear to be any way to *define*
> custom merge rules which is version controlled.
> There are a lot of different files which can benefit from custom merge rules,
> especially ones that are in some ways cumulative or version/tree-dependent.
> For example, I use this rule to merge version files:
> [merge "version"]
>         name = Version file merge driver
>         driver = sort -V -r %O %A %B | head -1 > %A.tmp.1 && mv -f %A.tmp.1 %A
> (Incidentally: the need for an explicit temp file here is frustrating. It
> would be better if git could manage the temporary file. Overwriting %A
> directly truncates the file too early.  See other email.)
> However, I can't even put this in .gitattributes, because doing so would break
> any user who *doesn't* have the previous rule defined locally. Even worse, if
> this rule needs to change, propagating it to all new users has to be done
> manually... never mind if it needs to vary by branch!
> The simplest way to address this would presumably be to let the
> repository/working directory contain a .gitconfig file that can contain rules
> like that.  (Allowing it to be in the repository proper is probably a
> requirement for merges to be handled correctly on bare repositories; I'm not
> sure how .gitattributes is handled for that.)

This would fall under the general umbrella of allowing repos to set
configuration, see
https://public-inbox.org/git/?q=87zi6eakkt.fsf%40evledraar.gmail.com for
some previous discussion.