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Re: [PATCH 2/3] setup: do not use invalid `repository_format`

On Wed, Dec 19, 2018 at 10:46:52PM +0100, Martin Ågren wrote:

> >   2. Arguably we should not even look at extensions.* unless we see a
> >      version >= 1. But we do process them as we parse the config file.
> >      This is mostly an oversight, I think. We have to handle them as we
> >      see them, because they may come out of order with respect to the
> >      repositoryformatversion field. But we could put them into a
> >      string_list, and then only process them after we've decided which
> >      version we have.
> I hadn't thought too much about this. I guess that for some simpler
> extensions--versions dependencies it would be feasible to first parse
> everything, then, depending on the version we've identified, forget
> about any "irrelevant" extensions. Again, nothing I've thought much
> about, and seems to be safely out of scope for this patch.

The decision is actually pretty straight-forward: if version < 1, ignore
extensions, otherwise respect them (and complain about any we don't know

So I think we could just do in verify_repository_format() something

  if (version < 1) {
    /* "undo" any extensions we might have parsed */
    data->precious_objects = 0;
    data->worktree_config = 0;
    data->hash_algo = GIT_HASH_SHA1;
  } else {
    /* complain about unknown extension; we already do this! */

It's a little ugly to have to know about all the extensions here, but we
already initialize them in read_repository_format(). We could probably
factor that out into a shared function.